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Apply to Adopt Wednesday    Fee: $100.00

Wednesday came to us in rough shape. She has obviously been in her own for a while. Likely abandoned as she is not feral at all. She was bloody from scratching herself, full of parasites and desperate to feel better. We treated her and now her fur is growing back in. She LOVES wet food! Wednesday is a mature adult and prefers the company of mature adults. She does not like other cats and will not tolerate dogs either. She is set in her ways. Who can blame her? She has the cutest face and likes affection on her terms. She will likely be more relaxed once in her new home. She is a clean kitty who grooms herself regularly and never makes a mess outside of her litterbox. She is low maintenance and her black fur won't show up on your dark clothes!

Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 10 Years 1 Months
At the shelter since: April 2, 2022
Adult home only