Welcome to the Saugerties Animal Shelter Web Page! Here you will find our entire list of adoptable pets, events, how to donate, pet care guidance, adoption forms, and more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the shelter. Please check back frequently for updates!!!

Dogs Available for Adoption in Saugerties
Dogs Available for Adoption
Cats Available for Adoption in Saugerties
Cats Available for Adoption
Adoption Applications

Shelter News  Last Updated: June 21, 2024

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How to Adopt

Adoptions are done by appointment only with an approved application

You must submit an application via saugertiesanimalshelter.com and once approved we will contact you to schedule an appointment. 


Before submitting an application, please be sure to let your references know that we will be calling and give your veterinarian permission to speak with us. Failure to do so will result in your application not being processed.


Please keep in mind that applying for a specific animal does not guarantee your adoption of that animal. We cannot guarantee any animal's availability at any time.


"Why Are Adoptions By Appointment Only?”

We get many upset folks who are turned away at the door because they show up unannounced and "just want to look at the animals". Let us explain why we do things the way we do…


1. Shelter dogs need routine and they need to know what to expect. Unannounced visitors, who they do not know, get them all worked up. Dogs who are already nervous or fearful become afraid of the new person and they become stressed. Animals in shelters who have their emotional and physical needs met, stay healthier, behave better and get adopted faster! Animal comfort and care is our top priority.


2. The best quality adoption process.  When it's your turn to adopt you get the shelter all to yourself. You can meet each animal one at a time and get to see a better representation of who they are. You also get the staff's guidance in matchmaking and answering your questions. 


3. Our shelter is a very small space. If you have been inside our shelter you know that our cat room and office space are one in the same. Too many people in a small space can be too much for anyone but especially the animals. 


We conduct our adoptions the way we do so that you and the animals have the best experience possible. Adopting a new fur family member is very exciting, we want it to be a positive experience for everyone so that transition into forever is as easy as it can be. 


Our shelter staff have been taking a course in shelter management and learning how to make our animals as happy and healthy as possible. The way we do things is not on a whim. They are tried and true, tested and researched approaches. We have been learning and integrating new enrichment for our animals, new fundraising techniques and much more. We continue to improve our knowledge so we can better serve the animals and you, our community.


Adoption Fees

Please Note: All animals are as vetted as they can be for their age. You will receive a copy of their medical records at time of adoption.

 Kittens: $150 (This includes a voucher for their spay/neuter for when they are of age for the procedure.)

Cats: $150


Puppies and Dogs under 2 years of age: $375


Adult Dogs: $325




You do not need an appointment to drop off donations. 

Donations can be left in our red donation bin Tuesday-Saturday from 7AM to 3PM, as long as the Transfer Station gate is open.


Shelter Boutique

While the shelter is no longer doing our annual yard sales, we do have our shelter boutique. Located in the baby barn next to the shelter, you can always find clothing, pet items, and seasonal decor of all sorts. Always check our Facebook page or give us a call to be sure it is open, typically Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The boutique does take donations of new, or like new, items. If you are looking to donate items to the boutique, please send us a message on Facebook, as our storage is very limited. 


Animal Control 

Contact DCO Adam Saunders at 518-291-3335


Borrowing Traps

The Saugerties Animal Shelter does lend out Have-A-Heart traps to those in the community who need to borrow them. A $50 cash only deposit is required at the time of sign out. Your deposit will be returned when the trap is returned. If the trap is not returned within 90 days, your deposit will be forfeited and will be absorbed as a donation.


Any other questions can be directed to our email(saugertiesanimalshelter2017@gmail.com) or you can give us a call at 845-679-0339. 

 Please keep in mind that we are a very small facility with very limited staff. We want to do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Thank you!

Social Media

Our Facebook page is a great way to keep up with us! This is where we are the most active. http://facebook.com/townofsaugertiesanimalshelter

Or you can follow us on Instagram: @saugerties_animal_shelter

Find us on Tiktok: @saugertiesanimalshelter




Shelter Statistics



Dog Intake: 90

Dogs Relinquished By Owner: 8

Total Dogs: 98

Dog Outcomes: 21 Adoptions, 68 Returned to Owner, 6 Transferred Out, 3 Euthansia

Cat Intake: 251

Cats Relinquished By Owner: 33

Total Cats: 284

Cat Outcomes: 251 Adoptions, 4 Returned to Field, 6 Deceased In Care, 9 Euthansia



Dog Intake: 44

Dog Outcomes: 27 Adoptions, 29 Returned to Owner, 1 Transferred Out

Cat Intake: 190 Stray, 53 Relinquished By Owner

Cat Outcomes: 229 Adoptions, 7 Returned to Owner, 5 Euthansia



Dog Intake: 90 (1 of which being Owner Surrender)

Dog Outcomes: 66 Adoptions, 22 Returned to Owner, 2 Transferred Out, 1 Euthansia

Cat Intake: 277 (7 of which being Owner Surrender)

Cat Outcome: 266 Adoptions, 2 Transferred Out, 1 Release, 1 Euthansia



Dog Intake: 102 (8 of which being Owner Surrender)

Dog Outcomes: 88 Adoptions, 22 Returned to Owner

Cat Intake: 221 (15 of which being Owner Surrender)

Cat Outcomes: 213 Adoptions, 1 Returned to Owner, 4 Released, 5 Still In-Care


2022(as of July 21st)-- 

Dog Intake: 77

Cat Intake: 92 


Please Note: The Town of Saugerties Animal Shelter is NOT an open intake shelter, therefore does not euthanize animals for the purpose of making space. The decision to humanely euthanize an animal is not taken lightly and is only done in the circumstance of illness or extremely dangerous behavior.


New Arrivals


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Help Fund our New Building