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Apply to Adopt Happy    Fee: $375

Are you the type of person that enjoys a tricky DIY project that is well worth the time and effort? Happy could be the boy for you! Meet Happy! He is a 5 month old shepherd mix. Quite the mix actually! We had his DNA tested and it came back with several breeds of working dogs, so this guy's energy is only matched by that of an Ironman Triathlon athlete. Originally a southern gent, Happy made his way to New York from Louisiana as part of a transport. While he is a sweet guy, who lives up to his name, that we are sure could make an excellent companion some day, Happy needs a very dog experienced forever home. He is not your average pup that could easily become the family pet or the kind of guy for a first time dog owner. He needs routine, stability, and a human that can commit to making him the best dog he can be. He could potentially do well with some type of recreational sport, he just needs someone to match his energy and put in the time to make this happen. While we do our best to do what we can with him here at the shelter, he still needs work on his manners. He is easily distracted so training him will take patience. Because of his energy level and need for training, we do not recommend a home with children. He can make friends with other dogs but he has very little experience with cats and/or small animals. We know that the right home and human(s) for Happy are out there! If you are interested in meeting Happy, please submit your application at www.saugertiesanimalshelter.com. Once your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to come in. (Please be sure to give your veterinarian office permission to speak with us prior to, or as soon as, you submit your application. Thank you!)

Sex: Male
Breed: Shepherd, German/Mix
Age: 1 Years 4 Months
At the shelter since: May 28, 2023